Bicarbonate Soda - GF AIF

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Bicarbonate Soda - GF AIF

Sodium Bicarbonate is a natural mineral. Also called bicarbonate or baking soda, it is a PH regulator, keeping substances neutral..neither too acidic or too alkaline. 
For this reason it's a great natural cure for heartburn and reflux.

But when added to an acid it reacts and causes a bubbling effect, hence it's been used for centuries added to sodium acid pyrophosphate as a raising agent for baking. 

There are an endless amount of other natural and useful purposes for bicarb soda, including whitening your teeth, cleaning your bathroom, as a hand cleanser and natural deoderant.

Our premium food grade natural bicarb soda is pure, with no additives.
Aluminium free, Gluten Free, Kosher, Halal and Vegan. 

Mesh 100-200. 
USP grade. 

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