Goji Berries Organic

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Goji Berries Organic

Boasting a host of health benefits including antioxidant properties to cleanse the liver, boosting energy and mood, and healthy weight management.
Goji Berries pack a punch when compared to many dried fruits, delivering an immune boost with cancer fighting properties, and can even reduce high blood pressure.

A great addition to acai bowls, smoothies and trail mixes. 
Our goji berries are premium organically quality, rich red in colour.

Certified Organic 
Origin: China


Nutritional Data  Typical Analysis 100g
Energy  1449kJ
Protein 14.26g
Fat total <1g
- Saturated 0g
Carbohydrates 64.06g
- Dietary fiber 13g
- Sugars 45.6g
Sodium 298mg
Potassium 1132mg
Gluten #ND