Besan Flour - Pantry Pack

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Besan Flour - Pantry Pack

Besan flour, also known as Bengal gram flour is pulse flour made from a dried small variety of chick-pea call Chana Dal, or 'baby chickpea'.
Besan is highly nutritious with a low glycemic index, high protein and fibre content.

Besan or gram flour, has a very earthy smell and slightly nutty taste. Commonly used to make the batter for onion bhajis and other pakora, it's also used traditionally as a thickener in curries, soups and stews, or an egg replacement. 

Now grown in Australia, we are finding a wonderful array of applications for this nutrient dense flour, such as biscuits, pizzas and more. 
Often adding a crispness to the texture of baked goods, besan flour is a wonderful high protein staple perfect for a variety of applications. 

Our Australian Besan, has been milled in dedicated facility and tested for it's gluten free status. 

Origin: Australia
Size: 500g
Serves: 10 

Nutritional Information

Typical analysis 100g
Energy 1619kJ
Protein 22.39g
Fat total 6.69g
- Saturated 0.6g
Carbohydrates 57.82g
 - Dietry fibre 10.8g
- Sugars 10.85g
Sodium 64mg
Potassium 846mg
Gluten #ND