Brown Rice Flour - Pantry Pack

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Brown Rice Flour - Pantry Pack

Brown rice flour is a nutritious gluten free wholefood flour including the natural rice bran, rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, and ideal for small recipes. 

Sunrice Brown rice flour is Australian grown, low GI, non-GMO and Gluten Tested to ensure it's purity for those with allergens.

An ideal wholegrain flour base flour. Perfect for gluten-free baking with muffins, cookies, as a base to make batters or sauces thicker, and is virtually tasteless.

Origin - Australia
Size: 500g
Serves: 10

Nutritional Data
Typical analysis 100g

Energy 1500kJ
Protein 7.7g
Fat total  2.6g
 - Saturated  <1g
Carbohydrates  72.8
 - Dietry fibre 3.9g
 - Sugars <1g
Sodium  4mg
Potassium 260mg
Gluten #ND