Cacao Butter Wafers Organic - Pantry Pack

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Cacao Butter Wafers Organic - Pantry Pack

Cacao Butter is an important component of chocolate, and due to its natural antioxidant properties is also wonderful for nourishing the skin. The first stage in processing Cacao is to grind the Cacao Beans to form a uniform paste. This paste has a natural fat content of roughly 50%. This fat is then separated from the Cacao Paste to obtain pure Cacao Butter.

The expert chocolatier will mix Cacao Paste and then add pure Cacao Butter to create different textures. The end result is an exquisite molded product that remains firm until dissolved in the mouth.

Cacao buttons, or wafers are a convenient option for handling smaller weights at a time, and are easily melted for use in a variety of applications. 

Origin: Peru 
Size: 250g
Servings: 10