Cacao Paste Ceremonial Organic - Pantry Pack

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Cacao Paste Ceremonial Organic - Pantry Pack

Cacao mass or chocolate liquor is raw chocolate produced from pure cacao beans and cacao butter in approximately equal amounts, and cooled in a semi-solid or solid form. 

It is generally used in chocolate production, as it essentially like having the ground bean powder and butter already combined. 

Containing all the goodness and antioxidant properties of raw cacao, cocoa mass is an ideal base for chocolate making, often with additional cacao butter and sweeteners added.

Our Ceremonial grade cacao paste is from the Purest Peruvian source, farmed by the ancient Incan tribes in the land of origin. 

Often used in Cacao ceremony, or for making chocolate from it's pure form. 
Our organic cacao mass is chipped into small pieces for ease of use and melting.

Origin: Peru
Size: 250g