Pea Flour - Pantry Pack

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Pea Flour - Pantry Pack

Yellow pea flour made from 100% premium Australian gluten tested yellow peas.

Pea flour is a great high protein pulse flour, that is rich in nutrients such as iron, folate and potassium. 

It's a great binding flour that works especially well with wraps, in breads and biscotti. 
It is a natural processing aid, keeping bakery products softer longer, improving dough machinability and reducing mixing times. 

Ground yellow peas are extremely protein rich, and this is often isolated for making plant-based protein powders. 
Pea flour is low GI, and lower in carbohydrates and calories than other pulse flours, making it a great staple flour for a variety of gluten free applications. 

Origin: Australia 
Size: 500g
Servings: 10