Faba / Fava Bean Flour - Pantry Pack

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Faba / Fava Bean Flour - Pantry Pack

Faba bean flour, also known as fava bean and broad beans flour is naturally gluten free and offers a swag of nutrient benefits including being a great source of plant-based protein.

Offering around 25-35% lean protein, faba bean contains twice the amount of protein compared to wheat flour.

With no saturated fat or cholesterol, and a powerhouse of vitamins including B6, magnesium, potassium, thiamin and vitamin K, Faba bean is a great addition to gluten free baking. 

Creating a crisp texture faba bean flour has been trailed with success in bread making, pasta and even biscuits/cookies. It can help improve dough and bread rising when added in small quantities. 

Best mixed with other flours, faba bean flour has a characteristic earthy taste, which can benefit from pre-roasting in the oven for a more subtle flavour profile.

Origin: Australia 
Size: 500g
Servings: 10