Sorghum Flour - Pantry Pack

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Sorghum Flour - Pantry Pack

Premium Sorghum flour, grown and ground in Australia and Gluten tested. 

Sorghum originated in Africa thousands of years ago, and then spread through the Middle East and Asia via ancient trade routes, travelling to the Arabian Peninsula, India and China along the Silk Road. Today it’s the fifth most important cereal crop around the world, remains a staple food in India and Africa, and is growing in popularity in Australia especially amongst gluten-free and paleo advocates. The whole grain kernel is ground into a flour that can be used for cooking and baking.

Sorghum flour is a powerhouse of nutrition and adds a superb flavour to gluten-free baking. It is high in protein, iron, and dietary fibre, and antioxidants which support cardiac health. In addition, the starch and protein in sorghum take longer than other similar products to digest. This slow digestion is particularly helpful for those with diabetes.

Traditionally this flour has been used as a cereal food to create pancakes, porridges, beer and flatbreads throughout different cultures, such as jowar roti in India. It can be added or substituted in any recipe that calls for flour like cakes, cookies, breads and muffins. While some gluten free flours, such as rice flour, can add a gritty texture to cookies or bread, sorghum flour has a smoother texture that many people prefer. Due to its very mild taste, sorghum flour is a great choice to incorporate into sweet breads, cookies, or the like.

*Please note: Current stocks are red sorghum flour due to harvest availability.
Colour is light dusty pink

Country Of Origin: Australia
Size: 500g
Servings 10

This product has been independently tested and certified gluten free.