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    Australians Hungry for Plant-Based Foods

    Australians Hungry for Plant-Based Foods

    The world is hungry for change when it comes to improving not only our ecological footprint on this fragile planet, but also in reducing animal cruelty while making an positive impact on our own wellness.

    That's a lot of positives, and with the number of amazing 'faux' meat, 'Mylks' and plant-based 'Cheeze' now available, there is very little downside to this so-called trend.. which means it's unlikely to go away any time soon. 

    There are a host of reasons why the impact we were making was unsustainable, and the trend toward 'healthy swaps' for almost any food you can imagine is causing an escalation in low-meat and completely plant-based diets across the globe with up to 600% increase in the U.S, and 62% overall in the last 5 years. 

    Little did we know Australians are at the forefront of this hunger for change, leading the charge for veganism according to google search

    We've all no-doubt noticed the increasing plant-based options taking over the shelves at our local supermarket, and it's an exciting change embraced by multi-generational Australians. Paired with the growing availability of plant-based ingredients, manufacturers are presented with an unprecedented opportunity to innovate and engage consumers on the upward climb. 

    Download the latest food trends report from Food Frontier here.


    Images by Food Revolution Network & Innova market insights

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