GF Spices, Fruits & Specialty

Discover a powerhouse of exotic spices, seeds & powders that are 100% gluten free and natural with no nasties. Enhance wellbeing with organic matcha powder, organic maca powder, healing turmeric and Himalayan salts. Sweeten naturally with organic goji berries, birch xylitol, erythritol, organic lucuma, dried pitted dates, organic rice syrup and coconut nectar.
Create with delicious gluten free breadcrumbs, bread mixes and GF all-purpose blends, and wide variety of chocolate-making ingredients.
Bake without nasties, and become a master chef with 
healthy gluten free baking aids and gums, vegan chocolate chips, psyllium husk, aluminium free bicarbonate soda, GF baking powder, coconut oils and more.