Linseed Brown (Flax) - Gluten Tested

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Linseed Brown (Flax) - Gluten Tested

Linseeds, also known as flax seeds, are the richest plant-based origin of omega-3 fatty acids known to man. They're also an excellent source of anti-oxidants, nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are essential for optimal health.
High in protein and amino acids, linseed is known to help maintain energy levels,
 strengthen the immune system and bones, heal cracked skin and nails, and balance hormones.

It may also provide benefits to cardiovascular health, autoimmune deficiency, metabolic and behavioural disorders, muscular-skeletal problems, digestive and skin issues. 

There are two types of flax seeds - brown and golden, both are similar in nutritional value, however the golden is considered to have a slightly preferable taste.

Linseed is considered by many to hold 'superfood' status due to it's high nutrient profile.

Origin: Australia 


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