Cacao Mass Organic / Paste / Liquor

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Cacao Mass Organic / Paste / Liquor

Cacao mass or chocolate liquor is raw chocolate produced from the whole pure cacao beans including the natural cacao butter, liquified then cooled in a semi-solid or solid form. The natural breakdown of the paste is approximately 50/50 of each cacao form.

Premium Ceremonial grade cacao from grown by the local Incan Tribes of Peru for decades, our Peruvian cacao mass is arguably the best in the World, and has an abundance of wonderful health benefits. 

Containing all the goodness and antioxidant properties of raw cacao, cocoa mass is an ideal base for chocolate making, often with additional cacao butter and sweeteners added.

Origin: Peru 


* Note - Due to the nature of these products, they are temperature sensitive, and while every effort is made to protect the products on dispatch, we unfortunately can take no responsibility for heat-affected items while in transit. 

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