Pepitas / Pumpkin Shine Kernels Organic

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Pepitas / Pumpkin Shine Kernels Organic

Pumpkin seeds, also known as Pepitas, have long been valued as a high source of zinc. However have only recently been recognised for their other health benefits, including being a powerful antioxidant. 

Recent research has shown the bioavailability in pumpkin seeds might be a greather source for vitamin E than some of the other readily available forms. Pumpkin seeds' vitamin E content may bring us more health benefits that we would ordinarily expect due to the diverse forms of vitamin E found in this food.

Wonderful for increasing the nutritional value of baked goods such as cookies, breads and slices. They are also delicious toasted added to salads, muesli's, or eaten raw in trail mixes. 

Our organic shine pepitas are a rich medium green colour intensity. 

Certified Organic 

Origin: China